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Battery Drain?

Just received a message on my iPhone that this app drains my battery and that the developers need to provide an update. I checked for new updates and there are none. I tried to find a way to contact developers but havent found any. So if you, THE DEVELOPERS, read these reviews, PLEASE update this app. I really do like it and do consider myself a long time user and would like to continue to be one. Thank you!


Had this app for over 4 years and always worked great! I recently upgraded my phone and I dont remember my password. So I got "forgot password" and it said I will receive a temporary password shortly...that was 4 days ago! I emailed customer support 3 times... 4 days ago and still NOTHING!

Do Not Buy

So very disappointed. This is just a calendar/reminder app. The fact that there is no way to actually sync this app with your bill holders accounts (like Verizon, Netflix, etc) is ridiculous. Many, many bills change from month to month and this app is useless for these type of bills. What a waste of $2. Bleh

My Review

This app will stop working very soon. I am getting message whenever I open this app that iPhone will slow down. IOS 10 upgrade needed to have this app to work for future. I dont know why Apple is allowing apps like this in their App Store. No improvements since 2013. No back up options.

No more updates

Why you have stopped working on this app? At least make UI compatible with latest iOS 10

Love it! But...

I noticed that it hasnt been saving my settings for automatic payments.

Great Ap!

App used to be great but no updates in 3 years! App crashes and has lots of bugs.

Cant set up account

Just bought this app and I cant create an account. What a waste of money

Great app

I have used for several years and its a great app. I wish they would add a feature where you can add a screen shot of your confirmation page so you dont have to write down the confirmation number to transfer to app when you add a payment.

Missing Debit Minder

I am not seeing regular upgrade s Also not able to download Debit Minder I purchased sometime back. The app is good but need constant upgrade. It will be nice to combine BillTracker & Debit Minder into one app.

There are better apps

I dont like this app, and wasted $2 based on high reviews. Main reasons for not liking are an ugly, clunky user interface and more importantly the inability to simply have a remaining balance for your accounts. All it does is tell me I owe X amount of dollars but not how much remains until paid off. You need their separate DebtMinder app for that.

Great...if Debtminder is brought back

Get us Debtminder :) It is a great companion app.

Non-iCloud sync…

You must sync with their servers (tether than iCloud or Dropbox) but they dont tell you that till after youve bought the app. I prefer not to sync $ info through small, private servers.


Not updated in 3-1/2 years... Still mostly works reasonably well, though.


By mistake I deleted the app and when installed it again, I tried to enter my account but did not remember my password. I sent various emails to support to reset my password but received NO ANSWER AT ALL. So, I cannot recover all the important information that I have.

Worthless Id like my money back please

Does nothing extra for the money you spend.

Love the app but phone numbers no longer working

Love this app! Id have given it 5 stars had the phone numbers not stopped working spontaneously. Can you please check into this? Is there an update or something needed perhaps?

Worse than previous version

Really disappointed with the upgrade from the last version. It takes me much much longer to mark a bill as paid. Not sure what their UX designer was thinking. If at all.

Simple and efficient!

This app has been on my home tab for over 5 years. You will never miss a bill by accident. Its one of mine main 3 apps.

Thank you!

I use this app on a regular basis to keep track of my bills. I love it because its simple and easy to use. I tried the app "Mint" but it was way too complicated for me. This app has a clean user interface which I like. Thank you to the developers for making this app!

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