BillMinder 3 App Reviews

Helps keep track of bills

Good app!

Great App!

Very helpful!!

Best bill reminder

Very good app. Reminder



Somewhat Buggy

A good app that I’ve been using for 4 years. However the latest version needs to be fixed. App sometimes quits on face recognition, unable to set Default reminders ( 1 and 7 days before ). Other variables may or may not work.

Unauthorized $4.99 charge for simple Bill Minder 3 update! Be cautious!

USE CAUTION WHEN UPDATING BILL MINDER 3, AFTER UPDATING TO IOS 11! Went to simply update the Bill Minder app that I have been using for years, which wouldn’t let me update until I updated my IPhone 6 Plus to IOS 11 and once I did, I did what I believed was a simple update to Bill Minder 3 free of charge update, but received a notification from my bank that I was charged $5.33, yet didn’t even receive an email notification of the charge nor an authorization request from Bill Minder 3 when I did the update that there was a cost of $4.99 to do it and description of version update made no mention whatsoever that there was a charge for it!


Since I don’t know how to get in contact with anyone, I’ve paid for the version 3. Does that mean I have to pay again for version 4?


I've used this app for years and when iOS was updated, this app stopped working. I desperately looked for an update on the app store. Instead I saw an app called billminder 4 for $4.99. when I purchased the app a few years ago, I expected free updates. It would have been ok if there was no updates because they went out of business. Instead they decided to leave their customers hanging by selling a new app. I found and bought bills monitor instead and I'm very happy with it.

Deleted data

I PAID for the upgrade an now it has deleted every single one of my bills and all of my info associated with them!!!!! No support to fix the problem! I want my $$$ back!

Not happy!

Have used Bill Minder for a few years. Just logged in since surgery and found that Bill Minder does not operate with new IOS 11 update. Found references on website and in App Store indicating to download Bill Minder 4. Well that only works if you had Bill Minder 3. Of course the app never asked me to upgrade over the years. I have now downloaded Bill Minder 3 and Bill Minder 4, each for $4.99. Only to find out my information has not been transferred nor do I think it will ever transfer. I demand a refund for both purchases because I will never get my information back.

Everything Gone

I have used this app for years and lost all of my information when I downloaded iOS 11. Clicked forgot password never got a password and there seems to be no option to export my information even if I wanted to use bill minder 4. Years of information gone I am extremely displeased with this app.

App never updated and now charge full price for new one

I used this app few a bit and it's never updated. Now you had the updated version out and not allow us to update it. You want us to pay full price for the new version. That is mess up.

It's been updated!!

Happpy to see the new version 4 update. Do not mind paying for it again. like 4 or 5 bucks, no problem, new interface and still the best app for this purpose. Check it out on the app store simply type in billminder and see the new version.

Says it won't be compatible w iOS 11

No app support and hasn't been updated in forever. Guess it's time to find a new app

Doesn't sync w/different devices

This App use to synchronize automatically between my IPad and IPhone. Now I have to log out then log back in on the device that hasn't been synced. I emailed the developer with zero response. Disappointed! I use to love this App...

I hope they update

I seriously hope they update for iOS 11 This is one of the most useful programs on my iPhone. I use it every month to track upcoming bills and payments, and I never miss a bill because of it. Very very good idea and very nicely done.

Please Update This App!!!

Please update this app for use with the current version of IOS. Apple has been warning me for the last few updates that your app is not compatible with the current version. Love this app, but am worried about the lack of updates.

Couldn't survive without it! (Used for 4+ years.)

Without this app, I'd be in debt and would miss many due dates. My wife and I can stay up to date with what bills have been made on our own devices. It takes a lot of unnecessary stress out of life.

Favorite and best app ever!

This is such a great app, just really needs updated. My iPhone software update won't support the old version; so I'm holding off on updating it!

No updates

There have not been comparability updates for over a year! I paid for this app and I expect updates or a refund!!!

Horrible app without suppport

Do not buy until it is supported. Developers have checked out. Look for others.

Don't buy this

Don't waste your time


They need to update this app!!!

Amazing App! Pay it all on time.

Great app. I don't know about these negative reviews. Obviously stupid people. I schedule all my monthly bills. Never miss my due dates! Gives me fore warning when all monthly bills are due! Great tool! Great credit builder tool!

Love it

I've been using this for years. But time to retire it. I have to log in every time for use👎🏾

Out of date!

App is good. Keep getting notifications saying the app needs to be updated by developer. App has been kind of glitchy lately. The latest post that I have seen on this is 3-4 years ago. Might jump to another app.

No support

This app used to be awesome but now the app developers seem to have abandoned it. Sad. It won't work with iOS 11 and it barely works now. It won't sync at all.


I love this app please update!!!

A great app that needs updating!!!!!!

Helping me to get control of my..Update This app hasn't been updated in four years. Apple is warning me that if the developer doesn't do so soon, it will stop working at some point, which is disappointing because it has been my bill-paying reminder for years. Please update!!

Needs update

Good program for keeping up but needs to be updated for iOS. Will not work with future versions.

Please update for iOS 11???! One of my go to apps for years

This app is great as a simple way to keep track of bills and payments on my iPhone. I hope there are plans to update to the newest iOS 11 which has warned me this app will no longer function.

I love this app but

They need to get a new version it's not working correctly with the new updates please fix!!!


My go to app!!!


Used to love this app. Doesn't work anymore with iOS 7 or higher. It appears the app's been abandoned. DO NOT BUY!!

Love using it - but won't work soon.

I've used for years, and it has been a simple way to track my bills. With the impending iOS 11 on the horizon, unless updated this app will cease to function. I would hope the devs would update - but I'm not too confident. Just can't find a similar program that works.

How about an update!

When is this app gonna get an update??? Keeps telling me it won't be supported on new software!

Needs update

This is a great app and has helped me keep up with all of my bills. Please update the app so I can continue its use.


Great bill tracking app! - EDIT My original review was from 6 years ago. I still love the app but it hasn't been updated since 2013 and I keep getting notifications that the app will not run in future iOS updates. Where is the support?? This and DebtMinder have been great apps through the years. Come on guys!!

Link to DebtMinder??

Is this app no longer linking to DebtMinder???

Simplistically Perfect

This app is fantastic! It's simple to use, has notifications when a payment is due. It also has a section for you to write confirmation numbers for payments and to enter their phone number and web page so that it's easily available. I love this app and rely on it so much! I've used it for 2 months now and so far it hasn't let me down! Totally worth the $1.99!

Out of date

I loved this app! Alas, it has stopped being updated and now I constantly get alerts saying it will no longer be supported soon.

Any plans to update up

This app won't be compatible for the next iOS update!


I've used this app for a few years and loved it. But this is the second time that it has stopped syncing between my devices and there is absolutely NO customer support. I would rate 5 stars otherwise but right now I'd say 1 because of this and it's not the first time.

Excellent app!

I have been using Billminder for a long time. It has never failed to help keep me current on paying my bills. It's worth you considering its use.


I was a Beta tester early on for this app. ALL web sites but one and all emails associated with this app are no longer active. This developer (return7) is NO LONGER UPDATEING ANY of their apps. I have tried to contact and all emails returned. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on ANY apps by this developer. What a loss...used these apps since the beginning and just worked right for me, what a shame!

App update ??

I'm being warned that this app will not work for the next iPhone update , please update this app so we don't lose it ! Thanks

Was a Great Ap

App used to be great but no updates in 4 years! App crashes and has lots of bugs.

Great app but any plans on updating it?

Great app but any plans on updating it?

Update needed

Hello why hasn't this app been updated yet????

Please update this app

Need an updated version

Please update

I received a notice when I opened this app that it needs to be updated or else it will not work anymore. Please update. I love this app and is very user friendly

Dead app

Last update was 4 years ago this needs to be removed from store.

Needs updating

Good app but needs updating before IOS 11 comes out.

App needs updating!!

Please update this app! Every time I open it I get an alert that the developer needs to update the app. It is depleting my battery and I don't want to delete it. But think I have to.

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